Industrial Engineering at Koc University strives for excellence in research and teaching. The emergence of digital technologies and the impact of globalization lead to increased complexity of systems in real and service sectors. The successful organizations of 21st century need to have a holistic perspective that integrates societal, financial, environmental and cultural requirements in order to overcome complex challenges. Our mission is to train the next generation industrial engineers and conduct research on problems affecting the real and service sectors. Our graduates are:

  • Able to analyze, model and solve problems that require holistic view of complex systems incorporating data analytics, mathematical modeling and solution algorithms and apply these solutions to systems in real and service sectors and get recognition for their excellence in problem solving skills, teamwork, communication and leadership
  • Define new frontiers of knowledge tand pursue graduate studies at top-ranked universities worldwide to become academic leaders in their respective research fields,
  • Engage in innovation and entrepreneurship activities to develop solutions and establish national and international brands or companies.