Prof. Mehmet Gönen

Office: ENG 118
Phone: +90 212 338 1813

Computational Biology: Cancer Biology, Personalized Medicine, Machine Learning: Bayesian Methods, Kernel Methods

Prof. Fikri Karaesmen

Office: ENG 103
Phone: +90 212 338 1718

Operations Research and Stochastic Modeling with Applications to Production, Inventory and Service Systems

Prof. Ceyda Oğuz

Office: ENG 223
Phone: +90 212 338 1793

Logistics, Scheduling, Sustainability, Bioinformatics, Algorithm Design and Metaheuristics, Mathematical Programming, Operations Research

Prof. Lerzan Örmeci

Office: ENG 207
Phone: +90 212 338 1534

Stochastic Modeling and Analysis of Health Care Systems, including Hospital Operations and Chronic Disease Management

Prof. Süleyman Özekici

Office: ENG 119
Phone: +90 212 338 1723

Operations Research: Financial Engineering, Management Science: Reliability and Maintenance, Stochastic Processes: Applied Probability and Statistics

Prof. Sibel Salman

Office: MF 232
Phone: +90 212 338 1707

Methodologies: Combinatorial optimization, network models, approximation algorithms, metaheuristics, Application Areas: Network design in telecommunication and logistics, facility location problems, production scheduling problems, disaster preparedness and response logistics, collection problems in healthcare and reverse logistics

Assist. Prof. Kübra Tanınmış Ersüs

Office: ENG 203
Phone: +90 212 338 0655

Combinatorial optimization, Multi-level programming, Interdiction games, Algorithm design, Social networks, Matheuristics

Prof. Metin Türkay

Office: ENG 205
Phone: +90 212 338 1586

Optimization theory, mixed-integer and multi-objective optimization, optimization-based data analytics, sustainability, supply chain management, logistics, computational biology, and bioinformatics

Assoc. Prof. Barış Yıldız

Office: ENG 166
Phone: +90 212 338 1795

Mathematical Programming, Polyhedral Combinatorics, Combinatorial Optimization, Location Anlayis, Supply Chain Management