Prof. Dr. Mehmet Gönen

Ofis: ENG 118
Telefon: +90 212 338 1813

Computational Biology: Cancer Biology, Personalized Medicine, Machine Learning: Bayesian Methods, Kernel Methods

Prof. Dr. Fikri Karaesmen

Ofis: ENG 103
Telefon: +90 212 338 1718

Operations Research and Stochastic Modeling with Applications to Production, Inventory and Service Systems

Prof. Dr. Ceyda Oğuz

Ofis: ENG 223
Telefon: +90 212 338 1793

Logistics, Scheduling, Sustainability, Bioinformatics, Algorithm Design and Metaheuristics, Mathematical Programming, Operations Research

Prof. Dr. Lerzan Örmeci

Ofis: ENG 207
Telefon: +90 212 338 1534

Stochastic Modeling and Analysis of Health Care Systems, including Hospital Operations and Chronic Disease Management

Prof. Dr. Süleyman Özekici

Ofis: ENG 119
Telefon: +90 212 338 1723

Operations Research: Financial Engineering, Management Science: Reliability and Maintenance, Stochastic Processes: Applied Probability and Statistics

Prof. Dr. Sibel Salman

Ofis: MF 232
Telefon: +90 212 338 1707

Methodologies: Combinatorial optimization, network models, approximation algorithms, metaheuristics, Application Areas: Network design in telecommunication and logistics, facility location problems, production scheduling problems, disaster preparedness and response logistics, collection problems in healthcare and reverse logistics

Dr. Öğr. Üyesi Kübra Tanınmış Ersüs

Ofis: ENG 203
Telefon: +90 212 338 0655

Combinatorial optimization, Multi-level programming, Interdiction games, Algorithm design, Social networks, Matheuristics

Prof. Dr. Metin Türkay

Ofis: ENG 205
Telefon: +90 212 338 1586

Optimization theory, mixed-integer and multi-objective optimization, optimization-based data analytics, sustainability, supply chain management, logistics, computational biology, and bioinformatics

Doç. Dr. Barış Yıldız

Ofis: ENG 166
Telefon: +90 212 338 1795

Mathematical Programming, Polyhedral Combinatorics, Combinatorial Optimization, Location Anlayis, Supply Chain Management